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15 Reasons to Treat at StayDry Med Centers

14 reasons to treat with staydry med centers

Why Choose StayDry Med Centers for Emsella Treatments

StayDry Med Centers are unique urological, medical clinics that specialize exclusively in the treatment of bladder issues. This includes, but not limited to urinary accidents, nocturia,  and frequent trips to the restroom.  We also have patients with sexual health issues and fecal accidents.  We do this with the Emsella Medical Device.

The Emsella Chair is one of the fastest growing technologies for both urinary leaks and sexual health.  It is a safe, non-invasive, FDA-cleared medical device that strengthens weakened pelvic floor muscles. 

The device uses high-intensity, focused electromagentic energy to strengthen and contract the pelvic floor muscles.  It simulates 11,200 Kegel exercises in 28 minutes to help restore urinary control.  Additionally, these HI-FEM contractions also enhance blood flow to the pelvic floor region which provides sexual health benefits as well.

When treating incontinence with Emsella, be sure to choose a healthcare provider that specializes in the pelvic floor and bladder control. This includes specialists like StayDry Med Centers, urologists, gynocologists, urogynecologists and pelvic floor physical therapists.  Unlike non-traditional providers like med-spas or aesthetic practices, urology centers are most qualified to help you get the most benefits from Emsella.  

Here are 15 reasons why you should choose StayDry Med Centers for your Emsella treatments:


#1 Expertise and Focus

StayDry Med Centers

StayDry Med Centers are urological medical centers that are single-focused on the treatment of bladder leaks and incontinence in women AND men.  That is all we do – all day, every day.  We are not a med spa.  We do not offer skin treatments, facials or massages.  All we do is treat patients with bladder leaks, urinary frequency, nocturia (frequent urination at night), and sexual wellness.  

As stated before, urology-focused practices like StayDry Med Centers are most qualified to help you get the most benefits from Emsella.   

#2  BTL-Certified Emsella Technicians

All StayDry Med Center technicians are experienced medical professionals who are BTL-certified in Emsella Chair technology and are well-versed in urinary health. You can trust that you’re in the hands of experts who understand your condition.

#3  Urologist on Staff

urologist on staff dr ed scheckowitz

Our Florida Medical Director is a Board Certified Urologist.  Dr. Ed Scheckowitz earned both his master’s in physiology and his medical degree from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  Specializing in both surgical and nonsurgical treatments for a wide range of urologic disorders, Dr. Scheckowitz offers comprehensive care for bladder and kidney cancer, prostate issues, impotence, chronic urinary tract infections, and more. He was also among the first urologists in South Florida to offer bipolar vaporization and the GreenLight™ Laser for treating prostate disorders.

He is also an affiliate assistant professor of clinical biomedical science in the Department of Surgery at the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Prior to this position, he served as the chairman of the Department of Surgery at the Delray Medical Center.

Our medical directors review all patient medical records and make additional recommendations to our Emsella technicians as needed.   Your health and safety is our primary concern.  

#4  State-of-the-Art Facilities

Each StayDry Med Center is modern, warm and inviting.  They are equipped with multiple Emsella medical devices, private treatment rooms, and wide screen TV’s for a pleasant, comfortable and discreet treatment experience for both men and women.  Patients are encouraged to bring family or guests to accompany them during treatment. 

#5  Multiple Emsella Chairs in each office

multiple emsella chairs

Only StayDry Med Centers have multiple BTL-manufactured and Certified Emsella Chairs in each office.  This means there is no waiting and patients treat within five minutes of arriving for their appointment.  Each Emsella Chair was purchased new from BTL, has the latest software and protocols, is calibrated daily, and Tesla outputs are measured regularly to ensure the highest efficiency, efficacy and redundancy in the event a machine is undergoing maintenance.   

As the largest provider of Emsella treatments in the United States, we have a very strong relationship with BTL.  If there is ever an issue with a chair, the manufacturer will provide an immediate replacement.  And with the redundancy of multiple Emsella chairs in each office, patients are rarely rescheduled. 

#6  Customized Treatment Plans

We recognize that each individual’s journey is unique. We have treated women and men of all ages with a wide range of medical conditions that affect their bladder control.  StayDry Med Centers craft personalized treatment plans based on your specific needs and condition, ensuring the best possible results.  

We complete a free, thorough medical consultation and will only recommend treatment if we believe Emsella will benefit you.  Most patients can start treatment immediately after their consultation, saving them time from having to come back again.

#7  Comprehensive Approach to Incontinence

StayDry Med Centers offer a comprehensive approach to urinary leaks, urinary frequency, urinary urge, and nocturia. We combine the Emsella Chair with educational resources; health, dietary & lifestyle recommendations, and ongoing support to maximize your outcomes.

#8  Private and Discreet

Our centers are designed to provide a discreet environment for your Emsella treatments.  We understand the sensitive nature of incontinence and bladder leakage and strive to create a space where you can feel at ease.  With private treatment rooms and multiple Emsella Chairs in each office, there is little, if any, time spent in a waiting room.

#9  Experience with Emsella for Men

Experience with Emsella for Men

30% of StayDry Med Centers patients are men who have urine leakage as a result of a prostatectomy, prostate procedures like TURP or Rezum, BPH, or overactive bladder.   Other Emsella providers may only treat 5% male patients, if any at all.  Men not only appreciate our expertise and experience, but also the fact they do not have to sit in the waiting room of a Gynecologist’s office or Med Spa before their Emsella treatment.  Learn more about Emsella for Men.

#10  Experience with Multiple Medical Conditions

StayDry Med Centers is largest provider of Emsella treatments in the country.  Our Emsella technicians treat stress and urge incontinence in patients with several different medical conditions. 

Our patients have weakened pelvic floors from age, childbirth, sling surgery, hysterectomies, prostatectomies, TURP and other procedures.  Some patients come to us with Level 1, 2 and 3 prolapses or may have interstitial cystitis.  Some have had Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons and even Cerebral Palsy.  We have wheelchair dependent patients and others who may need special assistance.  We’ve helped post-partum mothers and women with pessaries and IUD’s.  And helped men who have had Urolifts or have Artificial Urinary Sphincters (AUS), penis clamps, or penis implants.

StayDry technicians are experienced with all these and other conditions.  During your Emsella consultation, your technician will discuss your medical history.  They will then work close with our Medical Directors, who will review your chart to determine if Emsella could benefit your or not.

#11  StayDry Network Providers

StayDry Network Providers are physicians and healthcare providers who recommend and refer their patients to StayDry Med Centers.  Medical professionals appreciate the non-invasive nature of Emsella Therapy and the technology it uses to strengthen the pelvic floor.  This gives patients the opportunity to try to correct frequent urination issues and urinary leaks without surgery, drugs or invasive therapies.   

Medical providers who do not have their own Emsella machines refer their patients to StayDry Med Centers for the same reason you are reading this page.  We are Emsella specialists; we have a urologist on staff, and we are experts in this area.  StayDry Med Centers is not a med-spa, as we treat incontinence and urinary issues exclusively.

Ask your doctor for a referral to StayDry Med Centers to try a complimentary Emsella session and to learn more about this revolutionary treatment.

#12  StayStrong Maintenance Program

StayStrong Emsella Maintenance Treatments

Only StayDry Med Centers offers our unique Emsella maintenance program, StayStrong.  It is an affordable program that allows members to come to our office periodically to have Emsella maintenance treatments.  With any muscle group, the pelvic floor can atrophy and weaken back over time. We recommended patients come back for ONE additional treatment to maintain their strength and avoid reversing their gains. 

Learn more about StayStrong Emsella Maintenance here. 

#13  Emsella & Emsculpt NEO Core to Floor Therapy for Urinary Leaks

Emsculpt NEO and Emsella Core to Floor Therapy

Our Charlotte North Carolina center is now offering Core to Floor Therapy to help treat bladder leaks and a weak core.  The combination of Emsculpt NEO and Emsella strengthens, firms and tones the abdomen and pelvic floor muscles.  As a result, patient who see improved strength, balance, posture will see relief in their urine leaks and back discomfort issues.  

In addition to core strengthening the Emsculpt NEO also eliminates up to 30% of the fat layer through RF (radio frequency) and increases muscle tone up to 25%.  The dual action of these 2 therapies will strengthen the entire Core and pelvic floor muscle and help you look a little better in the process. A true win/win combination for our patients.  Learn more about StayDry’s Core to Floor Program.

#14  Flexible Payment Plans

StayDry Med Centers offers CareCredit as a flexible and seamless way to finance Emsella treatments. With CareCredit, you can treat with Emsella without the financial strain. The benefits include convenient interest-free monthly payments, quick and easy approval processes, and the flexibility to choose a repayment plan that suits your unique needs. 

#15  Proven Track Record

StayDry Med Centers treats more patients with the Emsella Chair than any other provider in the country.  With numerous success stories from individuals who have transformed their lives with the Emsella Chair at StayDry Med Centers, our track record speaks for itself. Join our community of satisfied patients who have achieved meaningful results.  Check out more Emsella reviews and testimonials.

Patient Reviews:

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